Seventh Rebeiz Foundation for Basic Research Paper Award

The Rebeiz Foundation for Basic Research (RFFBR) Paper Award for 2013 has been awarded to Dr. Robert Blankenshipnd his colleagues, for their paper entitled “Phycobilisomes Supply Excitations to Both Photosystems in a Megacomplex in Cyanobacteria. The paper appeared in "Science  342: 1104-1106 {20013)“. 

In selecting this paper for the eigth RFFBR Paper Award, the Board of directors of the Rebeiz Foundation felt that the described work that will greatly benefit other chloroplast researchers, and enhance our knowledge of energyn migration and transduction in the chloroplast.

A Brief Summary of the Paper is Given Below

In Photosynthetic organisms, Photons are captured by light-harvesting antenna complexes, and energy is transfwerred to reaction centers where photochemical reactions take place. The authors describe the isolation and characterization of a fully functional megacomplex composed of a phycobilisome antenna complex and photoststem I and II from the cyanobacterium Synechocystis PCC 6803. A combination of in vivo protein cross-linking, mass spectrometry, and time-resolvedspectroscopy indicated that the megaccomplex is organized to facilitate energy transfer but not intercomplex electron transfer, which required diffusible intermediates and the cytochrome b6fcomplex 

A copy of the certificate of recognition is displayed below


A Photograph of Robert Blankenship is displayed below

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